Crash of JAL flight JAL123 truth machine was destroying evidence of carrying nuclear weapons! Japan is a nuclear-armed nation already! Self-Defense Forces, U.S. Army, the Russian military will shoot down all aircraft at the end of a Deadly Battle! Military conflict with the truth of that unimaginable?


From the crash of flight JAL123 that 520 names are also victims, when I was 27 years elapsed. 
We pray together with us of those who died, I would sincerely sympathy to the bereaved family, everyone involved. 
In addition, to express my memorial to all the people and relationships that scatter their lives secretly by this accident, I pray sincerely.

Truth of the crash flight JAL123. 
It would not be an exaggeration to say that the darkness of the largest post-war Japan. 
I is critical for you to understand the truth of this incident, uncovering the relationship behind. 
All appear to remain in darkness homely Sara This is far from a pipe dream that can not be made, such as world peace.

In a survey taken in April, I got a comment like the following. "Japan? Should be armed with nuclear weapons" is voting to.

● I can not and do not return to a normal state of Japan tell the truth. (Aichi / teen / 40 men) 
deployed nuclear warheads to several locations, such as the Self-Defense Forces base already ● ● ●. Nakasone story dating back to the era. JAL was the courier? Tip in the crash of flight 1985 JAL123, you're. (Tokyo / teen / 50 male)

I have decided from the beginning of this day and the release date. 
Since the trailer was released just a month ago, I think I have noticed many people.

August 12, 2012. With this day of 27 th anniversary, we will start the exposure truth.

JAL123 flight crash is not just in a plane crash. 
This is the case of the largest post-war in 1985 was in the midst of the Cold War is not to be expected. 
It is no exaggeration to say that "war", if Motozuke to a number of physical evidence, which will be described later.

Pressure bulkhead is damaged by metal fatigue, the lie that the crash was a bright red. 
Conspiracy theory that it was shot down as a threat to the U.S. military to swallow the Plaza Accord in Nakasone is common. 

Adopted this theory Mr. Benjamin Fulford, I pointed out that there was the cause of the bubble in the Plaza Accord.

About the state of the world before and after the Plaza Accord, we amend the article so digress.

However, I'm not even the conspiracy theory that accurate. 
Behind it is that most people do not know, that the more serious reason is hidden. 

Even the Mr Fulford, probably not to have an accurate understanding of the darkness.

, Because I did not know that there is a remnant of the Soviet Union to the scene of the crash aircraft flight JAL123. 
Only "when U.S. aircraft were probably for intimidation Uchiotoshi" I should think that. I think it is difficult to understand the relationship of the SDF and the U.S. military complex and simple "control U.S. slavery" in the first place. Of course, I might just have to pretend you do not know.

Malicious poisoning attack could have been made as compared to the last Sun will not be - if we had any chance to get involved in this matter.

Illuminati formulate a thorough plan to achieve multiple goals at once - the real purpose of 9.11 Introduction:

Before going into the mysterious darkness that is lurking in the crash flight JAL123, taking as an example the 9.11 truth many more is being clarified, I will explain the background.

It is not only an excuse for war was to blow up the World Trade Center in kno Homebrew NY.
■ trumpeted al-Qaeda terrorism, used to induce public opinion to the invasion of Iraq 
(Japanese insurance company bankruptcy) killing by multiplying the insurance Trade Center ■ NY 
killing by short selling a lot of stock in advance aircraft ■ 
■ U.S. government financial = Mr. Fulford annihilating organization that has been investigated 
from the day before the royal debt repayment date 2001.9.12 ■ Asia, for debt bilk Mr. Fulford =

There are many purposes to just mention briefly here. 
Did over the long schemed to kno this homebrew is beneficent force Illuminati devil world ruler, greed. 
In order to achieve multiple objectives simultaneously, I've been in years and the crossover network decades of careful planning.

Similarly, it had been planned to meet the multiple purposes since the very beginning JAL123 flight crash with it.

Someone is "ruler" Japan true mastermind - the truth of the flight crash JAL123

JAL123 following flights is "shot down" and why is it truth surrounding.
In order to blackmail the Nakasone in order to drink the agreement: 1. Plaza 
to assassinate all the four heavyweights business community in the Kansai region was opposed to consensus 2. Plaza 
for destruction of evidence to kill perpetrators of Morinaga 3. Glico 
4. In order to kill 17 people technicians TRON OS Panasonic 
U.S. military discovered that the flight 5. JAL123 have to transport nuclear warheads, was attacked with missiles 
to conceal the transport warheads 6., the machine JAL SDF shot down lured to the mountains Osutaka 
U.S. aircraft, machine friendly, SDF 7. has further shot down all aircraft machine NSA only reconnaissance, to machine the Soviet Union 
there were more than several dozen survivors of flight 8. JAL123, such as poison gas VX nearly everyone was killed in a manner 
in order to have a religious meaning 9., the victim did not do without the 520 people

1,2 is common in conspiracy theories. 
Although I think credibility is high 3, there is no evidence. 
I know immediately if also studied 4.

The problem is after 5. This is the main theme of this article.

All main culprit is a giant demon forces rooted in the land and the Air Self-Defense Force and U.S. forces in Japan that is on the extension of the old imperial army. 
All parties conspire, I have done a magnificent hiding in national costume costume world. 

It is common knowledge among those involved with a number of deployed nuclear warheads to the Self-Defense Forces base already.

And will never be informed of the fact that the Japanese people.

Truth of the crash from flight-JAL123 book Mr. Kaoru Tamura 珠

Scenario was prepared after the final war aliens finally

unlock all the secrets are in the book of Mr. Fang Zhu Tamura. 
It is very unacceptable content, please read first.

Truth of flights JAL123

listened plutonium used in nuclear weapons, that they are taken out of the top-secret nuclear facility in Nagano Prefecture, and I had some things that come with the pin. It is an association took place in August 1985, and the crash of flight JAL123. In fact, rather than accidents caused by metal fatigue, this crash was the result of the battle by the Self-Defense Forces and the U.S. military. A result of the local people who witnessed the incident of a series, picking up the wreckage of the aircraft to Iriyama many times, we continue the investigation for more than 25 years, as well as aircraft of Flight 123, was found the Corps U.S. Marine debris, such as the F-106 aircraft belonging to the U.S. Air Force disguised RC-130 propeller aircraft landing gear part, ground-to-air missile warhead Red Eye, with black paint, but it was a huge amount of debris. 
The main reason for flight JAL-123 was shot down was due to assassinate four heavyweights of the Kansai business community was opposed to the United States induced appreciation of the yen. I lodge in August 1985, the United States and "I want to appreciation of the yen" to Japan, Kansai four economic mandarin strongly opposed and ended inconclusively in talks again. In this case, there were also other reasons but actually. Actually, it's irritating that was in the "core" flight 123. It's that he was expected to carry on Osaka gained nucleus produced in the country, from the port of shipment to somewhere Osaka. 
I was using scouting and doubt that Japan is manufacturing nuclear weapons secretly, the United States, we want to suppress the evidence that, in the paint him black in order to catch the information that is carried in flight JAL123, holding the spot I prowl after JAL machine machine disguised affiliation unknown. If you try to to Japan, I had to manufacture nuclear weapons secretly trying to outwit the United States, I will be very difficult to hold the spot. I was made ​​to be that destination will they sink into the sea together with ALL aircraft there, to be shot down by U.S. aircraft at sea.

However, the captain of the JAL machine was surprisingly excellent people. 
JAL on the machine side is not convey the contents of the shipment, the fact that only "is a precious thing", the Japanese government has requested the boarding of the pilot of the veteran. SDF is originally from there, was put in charge of masterful that it is a pilot flying a skilled "pilots Masami Takahama". Because it trained combat, when the tail has been destroyed by the U.S. military, he seems to have realized that it is already artificially attack.Quickly, I switched to a very low flight altitude of 1000 m or less. Because I would not be captured in this advanced radar. To that end, since, Flight 123 disappears from radar control, air traffic controllers around the machine even want to help JAL, he can no longer even be chasing shadows but that machine. The exact route after an error occurs, so I do not know have now. (Note: ※ large potential was destroyed is not a tail)

And inferred from the context of accident investigation and then, without being descended even Haneda, without being descended even Yokota Air Base, is less than a hope of implantation sea, flight JAJ123 who lost destined to go, the machines SDF appeared suddenly been induced, You seem headed in the direction of Nagano. I thought I would try to be the captain, "and was saved by this." Willing to help, such as flights JAL123, Self-Defense Forces aircraft, it was not smooth, however. Not only U.S. aircraft in order to know that was sniffed the U.S. military, to turn off the "core", which is present evidence is coming shortly, together with ALL passenger flights JAL123, I was trying Salo erase everything. Machine induced SDF flights JAL123 to run about trying to escape, to lure (Takamagahara) Takamagahara a secret base, we have together with ALL U.S. aircraft shot down in the Red Eye of ground troops was waiting for him. The flight JAL123, I just crashed into a ridge (or the Osutaka) Osutaka mountain in the mountains thus Takamagahara. Way that is thorough. Of course, U.S. aircraft had been chasing it with a flight JAL123, Russian military reconnaissance aircraft (Bureau of the U.S. National Security), that could only come with the sense the accident further NSA machine SDF derived, was in intelligence it to Sukhoi, I was shooting dropped entirely. · · ·.

Self-Defense Forces conducted a thorough destruction of evidence after the crash. 
There are people notice immediately after the accident as "funny", was investigated into the mountains, ask around and sightings from climbers that day, had been traverse the mountain, I grabbed one end of the plot it. According to the report, at around 2 am from climbers came close to the crash site, the voice of the people seeking help seems to have had a large number to hear. I can not not even in place of animal trail steep slopes, however quite approach the scene. As soon as the helicopter flew them, sprinkled something, stop moaning and noises are quite right that has been heard so far, silence seems to have visited all around.

About the behavior of this helicopter, in order to leave no survivors, whether it is not my boron fluoride was on the scene, multiple experts are analyzing. I'm trying to Iriyama testimony and our local volunteers were then witnessed the accident should save the survivors, the SDF has already barricaded, and could not get close. From local residents who were closest to, or why the SDF had arrived on the scene first. We give evidence of, the fact that it was shot down thing, not the accident. Already, such as the remnants of nuclear weapons "goods" evidence is recovered, he would at that time was probably buried in darkness.

What is the truth, who is in the light, the enemy someone, that reality does not grasp exactly, seems certain that there is a large conspiracy. By the way, the flight crashed JAL123 When did that in August, and in September of the following month, the agreement developed by five countries (G5) has been made ​​at the Plaza Hotel in New York. The world say it is the "Plaza Accord". To save the United States, international cooperation to the appreciation of the yen against the dollar, but was negotiated, in order to survive the recession is assumed appreciation of the yen, Japan, I moved to monetary easing. Lower the discount rate that is, to adopt a low interest rate policy, significantly increasing the money supply, money in such a manner that the society Dabutsuku splashing water sound, did you and your attempts to prevent a recession. 
As a result, Japan was going to rip into the frenzy of the bubble economy.

Blog zeranium: (mountain crash Osutaka) flights truth JAL123

Victims of flight 520 JAL123

As mentioned earlier, the "flight JAL123" was shot down because it was laden with the nucleus. Crew of 520 people became collateral, chagrin of the passengers are incalculable at that time. Also be said to be the end of God's plan Again, this is horrible too. They really do I just became a sacrifice in vain, however? It's I do not think so.

Machine is JAL, fell in Takamagahara why? 
Why does it was Flight 123? 
Why 520 people were victims? 
There should be a reason for it.

There was a mountain with that Takamagahara (Takamagahara), a special name. 
As is well known, in the Kojiki, which means a holy place to be (or seize any) God and live Tianjin. "Hifumi" 123 = is a special number that represents the ritual, despite the tactics destroy the information up to cruel, four of the passengers 524 survive as a result, the victim became 520 people sign is not clear that such a strange thing, a coincidence, told me the real reason.

In this world there is no such thing as a coincidence. 
So there is significant. Was Ikitsui was sleeping Buddhas body 520 on both sides of the shrine in the Takamagahara. Object of worship at the shrine that is (Kunitokotachinomikoto) Mikoto country always stand. Standing always respected country was king of ancient Japan was a good person, feared by evil vassal personality too strict, it was assassinated. And neck of preciousness standing always for the country assassination was shed's shed Kan'nagawa (Kan'nagawa), the fuselage, "he was stained with blood without bear" when rinsing the blood Arakawa, assassin returns Only three of the headwaters of the river that is the will and the Chikuma Takamagahara (Chikuma).

(Kunitokotachinomikoto) Mikoto always standing in the country and to revive the shrine, the old people had to pay diligently and Buddhas. Buddhas of the body 520 to pay, at the moment (the Spirit) enters the Spirit of 520 people who lost their lives in the flight JAL123, there is a legend that the country always respected standing Su and El. Local people to know this legend, I realized when I saw the news of the accident flight JAL123, I know it was 520 people victims, "Oh, these people he let me gill Su God" and That's right. 520 people I am but it was not going to sacrifice in vain. They will always stand Mikoto country, I wasえっSu to protect the country of Japan. 

Sukhoi Russian military became collateral is JAL123 flight was was caught by pure accident. Around Yaizu of Shizuoka JAL123 flight was attacked by U.S. aircraft, there is a factory of canned tuna. There has been imported from Russia of raw tuna, but its cargo will be Orosa Yaizu It is a fishing port. When the tuna raw material is transported by ship to Japan, Russia, the Russian Air Force Sukhoi be tracking the ship from the air for escort I had become so customary. This day, for days at a ship just arrived, when I was in Russia over machines happen, you seems to have caught sight of an airplane of the U.S. aircraft that attacked the tail of the flight JAL123. 
This is when there must be something, as a result of wear after secretly, pilot of the Sukhoi had been caught up in the battle of the SDF and U.S. aircraft. This fact has been left in the camera flight passengers JAL123 was taken from the cabin. I died the owner of the camera, was developed locals the film have been left at the scene of the crash, was a survey has brought back pieces, what is the picture I was reflecting only sky through the window of the plane but I came out as well. Owner of the camera around Shirahama, seems to have found a shiny object through the window. Sukhoi seemed suspicious to come chasing after that, I had taken many times each time the Russian aircraft visible. Analysis of the landscape that is reflected in the background of the picture slightly, route the plane actually flew I was was able to guess. Did expand the strategy (annihilation) annihilation that the more thorough is that there was a serious flight JAL123 secret.

Blog zeranium: victims of flight 520 JAL123

I do not mean to say that it is all written in this book is correct, 
what you say from now on will be to support the majority of the claims of Mr. Tamura.

When you open one's eyes to the truth of history as I finally came. "Japan already has nuclear weapons, was shot down because it was a flight to transport nuclear warheads JAL123"the fact that.

In order to blackmail the Nakasone in order to drink the agreement: 1. Plaza 
to assassinate all the four heavyweights business community in the Kansai region was opposed to consensus 2. Plaza 
for destruction of evidence to kill perpetrators of Morinaga 3. Glico 
4. In order to kill 17 people technicians TRON OS Panasonic 
U.S. military discovered that the flight 5. JAL123 have to transport nuclear warheads, was attacked with missiles 
to conceal the transport warheads 6., the machine JAL SDF shot down lured to the mountains Osutaka 
U.S. aircraft, machine friendly, SDF 7. has further shot down all aircraft machine NSA only reconnaissance, to machine the Soviet Union 
there were more than several dozen survivors of flight 8. JAL123, such as poison gas VX nearly everyone was killed in a manner 
in order to have a religious meaning 9., the victim did not do without the 520 people

6,7,9 regarding books of Mr. Tamura is the source. 
9 at this time with respect to refrain from the details. I should have raised the case along the story of some kind.

There is a site called Japanese black fog (New) to perform the truth of this matter. 
Based on the evidence and argument of many, I have derived the truth very precisely. 

It seems that there are many encounter time and again to interfere, were exposed to the risk of death management team.

Detailed article is in Japanese black fog (New) all. 
Materials and articles in their vast site, I have put together in one article. 
The contents are conform to the Japanese black fog (New) basically all have made ​​appropriate supplement.

These materials are often part based on the testimony of Mr. B critic international military, but it is not possible to give the source a clear and repeated argumentation based on such reports testimony of numerous physical evidence, photographs and authenticity I have a judgment is very high. Thanks to a courageous whistleblowers and patriotic lament this country by Mr. B, many mysteries have been elucidated.

※ · · · Mr. B critic international military person who was standing in the review of the troops behind the Self-Defense Forces of attendance Yasuhiro Nakasone. Details are unknown.

(Tue) 62.11.3 1942 
(35th anniversary founding JMSDF) vessels Prime Minister Nakasone Yasuhiro Sagami Bay 54 49 equipment (about 127,300)

History of the naval review
http://www1.cts.ne.jp/ ~ fleet7/Museum/JmsdfRv.html

. 1 rupture of the pressure bulkhead is a flat-out lie - photo flight that does not seem to be 200m / h wind speed
2. discrepancies with the photographs by Mr. Ogawa of passengers were left behind - was trumped voice recorder as well (CVR)
3. steering machine Nikko denial was a lie - and the true reason for the low flying is
. 4 Lie theory shot down by the Maritime Self-Defense Force (1) - there is no ship SDF to be "Takachiho"
. 5 Lie theory shot down by the Maritime Self-Defense Force (2) - There can be no experimental single machine target
6. theory downed SDF is not approved without the involvement of the U.S. military (3) - Lie theory shot down by the Maritime Self-Defense Force
7. contradiction of the metal piece vertical tail had been "floating" on the sea - Why the Self-Defense Forces Maritime Did avoided Yokosuka base
. 8 more than one person witnessed the mark crane - the vertical tail did not break
9. initially wing did not fall Machine - Nikko has not crashed into a mountain
10. U.S. man of the U.S. Air Force crept into staff accident investigation, monitoring the site
11. ridge mountain Osutaka or had been scorched - Why vehemence unnatural damage to body
12. liquefaction - bottle of the mystery that had fallen to the crash site killing the survivors scattered the poison gas that was
. 13 pieces of metal that had fallen to the crash site were fragments of the missile
14. missile had crashed into the engine machine Nikko - remains of a missile "Falcon" air-to-air
. 15 missile The Case of KAL airliner year -1 978 that are not necessarily explode necessarily
16. wreckage of the RC-135 U.S. aircraft were found from the crash site
17. photograph of the engine size that is different from the engine machine Nikko - RC-U.S. aircraft support the theory crash 135
18. RC-130 reconnaissance aircraft U.S. Navy - the identity of the debris of Orange had fallen to the crash site
19. of NORAD that fired the missile "Falcon" air-to-air - the identity of the debris black had fallen to the crash point F-106 military aircraft
20. U-2 reconnaissance aircraft under the direct supervision of-NSA identity of debris material rubber black that had fallen to the crash point
21. armored vehicle of the Soviet Army - the identity of the steel plate overlaid had fallen to the crash point
22. coverage or crashed even T38 fighter small U.S. Marine Corps - the identity of the tail, which is confirmed by the video
23. been discovered MIG-25 aircraft - Soviet wreckage of military aircraft of many found at the crash point
24. been shot down Summary, etc. helicopter military aircraft was - this is a "war with the United States"
. 25 were included elements tetrafluoroborate substance virulent to cargo flights JAL123
. twenty-six flight JAL123 was being used to transport nuclear weapons - substances continue to melt snow for 20 years a few
27. decisive of downed flight JAL123 not been elucidated yet something - a piece of metal in nuclear warheads that have been discovered from the field
28. civilian first visited the scene of the crash, testimony of Mr. M
. twenty-nine forces and thousands morning USFJ masquerading as the Self-Defense Forces - the testimony of Mr. B critic international military
. 31 - Summary flights JAL123 laden with nuclear weapons is to blow air through Red Eye of the Self-Defense Forces, many survivors were killed later
32. article Source: Report of Aircraft Accident Investigation Committee
. 33 voice recorder that has been forged (CVR): article
36. material Category: crash flight-JAL123 black mist of Japan (New) List of Articles

※ The character limit, but I have not been able to publish some materials. I supplemented at a later date.

Rupture of the pressure bulkhead is a flat-out lie - I do not think photo-flight 200m / h wind speed

The official cause of the crash is a rupture of the pressure bulkhead due to poor maintenance of Boeing. 
But that this is a blatant lie is many people already know.

This is a photo of tornado damage of 69m / h maximum wind speed that occurred in Tsukuba the other day.

On the other hand, here is an internal flight JAL123 pressure bulkhead airflow of 200m / h wind speed is to tear flowed.

200m / h wind speed does not come out any way you slice it. It is a blatant lie. 
The authenticity of the theory of accidents caused by pressure bulkhead repair mistake is broken at this point. Report itself is lies and fabrications. 

There are many other inconsistencies, omitted because they are already covered in many sites.

Japanese black fog (New) - (extra edition) did not break the vertical tail - follow the truth - the next crash JAL123


Inconsistencies with the photographs that Mr. Brooks passengers were left behind - was also fabricated voice recorder (CVR)

Photos Satoshi Ogawa number of passengers were taken on board. It will be this is one of the few credible evidence. 
We understand you have been published in various media on October 14, 1990, at the discretion of the bereaved families, to eliminate the possibility of this photo is a forgery.

Photo 1 this Asahi Shimbun, "Enoshima Sagami Bay and Mount Fuji"

Although the hypothesis and would be "industrial zone in Kawasaki," Photo 2, but this is probably wrong. If you know and compare flight path of Accident Investigation Commission announced.

One oddity clearly.

The ground is reflected picture, in the foreground. It does not look like they were taken from 4000m altitude on the flight path of Jikocho announcement. 
Is not much more was lower true altitude? I have a simple question of.

In the black fog of Japan (New), the results of fieldwork calculations and detailed "flight JAL123 are flying towards the east and almost empty mountain Tenryou located on the east coast of Shimoda, Izu Peninsula. altitude is 700m about" the conclusion that You seem to have a Michibikidashi. This is in Jikocho "JAL123 flight was flying toward the west over 7000m Shimoda Izu Peninsula, of Shirahama Beach" will be quite different from that with the announcement.

On this basis, and the flight recorder (CVR) (CFR), radar records, etc. are all fabricated assertion voice recorder. 

Because it is not a case I have said if you had been flying at 700m altitude, such as "I'll have something to explode." 
In order to match the consistency, it is likely that all the records were falsified.

I think in an earlier article, why I do not perform the analysis voice recorder (CVR), but could have touched a little bit about why, this time, the reason whether it is not of our site, understanding again. The results obtained by analyzing exactly a picture of Akira Ogawa is something that deny squarely accident reports and published data, and CVR CFR. The last 10 years you did trembling heart to hear the CVR, everyone was trying to track down the truth to analyze the CVR, unfortunately, the sound of CVR has since been published, you are to those who are hostile to good sense, conscience that was really only just been Moteasoba. It also continues to follow the wrong track as it is, I do not get to the truth is true forever. Can change the method so far, accumulating facts from the feet again, other than the royal road to get closer to the truth it's not.

Since I write more and longer, in the following article.

Japanese black fog (New) - (1) did not break the vertical tail - follow the truth - the next crash JAL123


Nikko uncontrollable machine was a lie - and the true reason for the low-altitude flight

If you fell into uncontrollable pressure bulkhead is damaged, there is no reason to give follow up to the mountain Osutaka while maintaining the low flying altitude of 700m. "Loss of control" This is a premise based on the report of Jikocho, is very likely a lie. It is likely that the decision was the "dare" is short, low-altitude flight.

Testimony confirms that the "crash revelations flight JAL123" Books of Mr. Masaaki Ikeda, there was a flyover has been published.

. "I felt strangely seemed nearly twice the usual size. Having big right turn" (1) 
K's and W's and Yatsu of Kawazu-cho (2) ", Kawazu station bench Izukyukosen in and look up at the sky. sounds during breaks, like thunder in the sky northeast of the sea called "bone" was flown horizontally to straight up the station with smoke gray from the rear fuselage. "jumbo jet is Person (the initial change in notation) 
(3) "flying awfully low places (* 2)") at an altitude of Minamiizu city ( 
crash revelations flight JAL123 Masaaki Ikeda ()

Determine the relationship between the position of the aircraft based on the testimony of these, in the Japanese black fog (new) see through the lies are uncontrollable. 
Uncontrollable if the lie, the lie becomes the destruction of the vertical tail. I See below for witness testimony of Mark was written to crane vertical tail.

, And "dare" JAL machine Why do you have selected the low-altitude flight?

We analyze the international military critic Mr B as follows.
If you are attacked by enemy aircraft at sea, the pilot should take action to avoid the attack is the following three points. 
Lowering the altitude (1). Missile over what is generally easy to aim, aim is harder when you shoot down. 
That towards the land (2), fly the land as much as possible. Structure and topography of the land is the fault, at the same time becomes difficult to aim, it is susceptible to capture and cover by ally enemy aircraft. 
be a serpentine (3). Aiming to disrupt the alignment of the missile, this will easily imagine that.

Takahama captain who was piloting the flight JAL123 pilot was leading with a career in the Maritime Self-Defense Force. 
There is no wonder even take action to avoid the above interceptor.

If so, JAL123 flight will be subjected to "attack" some still. 
As will be described later, it is a missile that was fired at the engine.

I estimate the situation based on passenger Testament.

"Begin descent down the mask is referred wham wham said suddenly," said Keiichi Matsumoto 
"scary, scary, scary ......" Mariko Shirai

Ultralow flying start for missile attacks, to avoid entering the interceptor system. 
Woven mask, started a steep turn, but it was Kikasa the explosion sound. Probably not a comfortable living.

Japanese black fog (New) - (2) did not break the vertical tail - follow the truth - the next crash JAL123


There is no SDF vessels to become "Takachiho" - lie theory shot down by the Maritime Self-Defense Force (1)

Theory that "unfortunately I have hit that target missile or aircraft of the Self-Defense Forces," is famous, is a lie too. 
SDF theory was shot down flow, claiming that the anonymous document the SDF has been sent to the press is beginning.
I heard this word for the second time from a television station staff were acquaintances. He told me this story while credibility is not, and he also. 
"In the newspaper and stations television, incorporating touches of SDF personnel, anonymous document has arrived. Their contents were in the top Sagami Bay," it was that "I hit the machine Nikko surface-to-air missile was fired from" Takachiho . This story also heard from people after the crew Nikko. This anonymous document that also received Japan Airlines. 
Flight-JAL123 alleged crash (Shiro Tsunoda)
Crowded into this sauce is there lie two.

SDF vessels to Maritime Self-Defense Force 1. Become "Takachiho" does not exist even today 
two Maritime Self-Defense Force. does not hold air missiles capable of shooting down aircraft ship over 7000m

For this matter, in the Japanese black fog (new) We have been analyzed as follows.

Instill in the press preconceptions SDF 1. Would have perpetrate something 
disparaging also the credibility of conspiracy theories other by spreading the theory that everyone 2. could be denied, to deny it 
public reaction and 3. media measure the ability of analysis and information

Japanese black fog (New) - (1) kill the theory of Self-Defense Forces shot down - to follow the truth - the next crash JAL123

There can be no single experiment of target machine (2) - Lie theory shot down by the Maritime Self-Defense Force

Theory that I have accidentally hit the target when the machine has been fired from unmanned "Matsuyuki" Maritime Self-Defense Force escort. 
Because the target machine has the same orange debris had fallen on the scene to be sure, this theory sounds like a highly credible look.

(Tsunoda) crash flight-JAL123 suspicion According to the book,
, Or "compact than that" Fire Bee "machine" target Chaka Ⅱ "is underway test before delivery" or "is not fired from" Matsuyuki 
"Azuma" training support ship mounting a machine "target On the day we entered the dock (Hiroshima) Kure, on the official record, but was not a situation machine target to fly, and a variety of just test, were sailing test the waters phrase "Matsuyuki" is the target ( therefore had been performed), including firing machine, you do not has it led to such an accident "

It is that.

However, it is also a flat-out lie. 
Presents the following three reasons, in the Japanese black fog (New) has been concluded that this is a mistake.

"Matsuyuki" 1. Before delivery is to the Self-Defense Forces at the time, It is impossible to do experiments alone target machine 
2. "Sagami Bay is not a training area by target machine" and the Self-Defense Forces to comment officially are 
for surface-to-air missile ship that holds the first place 3. has not reach the 7000m, there may not be up to 7000m skip the target machine

In addition, the remains of the orange had fallen on the scene is not a target machine. Later.

Japanese black fog (New) - (2) Kill the Self-Defense Forces shot down theory - to follow the truth - the next crash JAL123

There is also a large negative material than this. It Sky "Japan is not Japanese things," the fact that.

Self-Defense Forces shot down theory does not hold without the involvement of the U.S. military (3) - Lie theory shot down by the Maritime Self-Defense Force

The following figure is a figure Yokota U.S. Air Force Base airspace. 
Commercial aircraft must not always be avoided through this airspace.

This area is also in the area of ​​training of U.S. forces in Japan.

Maritime Self-Defense Force shot down theory because it is happening in this airspace, territorial waters, I am wrong if there is no involvement of the U.S. military. 
According to the international military critic Mr B, SDF is one that can not be fired one missile without the permission of the U.S. military. 

This is the purpose of the sauce to the media included. It is a tool for distracting from the U.S. military involvement.

Japanese black fog (New) - (3) kill the theory of Self-Defense Forces shot down - to follow the truth - the next crash JAL123

Contradiction of the metal piece vertical tail had been "floating" on the sea - Why Did Maritime Self-Defense Force is avoided Yokosuka

Department of Transportation reports the posterior parts of the vertical tail around "Matsuyuki" Maritime Self-Defense Force ship was recovered at sea Sagami Bay has been published.

APU air intake duct that has been recovered from the sea: Photo 1

(1) The part of the vertical tail was recovered from the sea: Photo 2

Photo 3: (2) the vertical part of the tail was recovered from the sea , according to the International Military critic Mr. B, and that there can be no metal piece that is floating on the sea.

The case of aircraft accidents at sea, "to think that basically, sink even metal light, such as aluminum is more common.'s Float is limited to the kind of plastic or wood. In that sense, the duct of one photo also. course will sink, even a very short time anyway, if part of the vertical tail a few photos, there is no float as it should have been, of course sink, too. "

Also, it's hard to think of Tateyama also landed in the harbor all the way. 
Since there is no port facilities, to the Maritime Self-Defense Force base in Tateyama should select the U.S. Navy base in Yokosuka.

Meaning and unloading at the port is a port Tateyama "general base rather than" dare it?

Maritime Self-Defense Force base in Tateyama, Chiba Prefecture, 
adjacent to the right harbor harbor harbor common Tateyama

Yokosuka is the immediate vicinity of the harbor Tateyama 
should select the Yokosuka city center and close to the duly considering

It is a piece of metal that these may have been brought from a location that is not at sea, or fabricated ones. 
By "unloading" the vertical tail all the way, it is you did the external impression as if've been recovered from the sea though.

I believe that "probably because you did not want to be known in the U.S. Navy," said B of the international military critic. In other words, you will be inside the army forces are at odds with the Self-Defense Forces U.S. Navy.

Japanese black fog (New) - (3) did not break the vertical tail - follow the truth - crash flight JAL123

of "sea" and "land" For composition conflict, I will supplement at a later date.

Vertical tail was not broken - more than one person witnessed the mark crane

The vertical tail of the aircraft marks Nikko large crane is depicted. 
If the vertical tail really broke, then the mark is not visible.

I will introduce a couple of the testimony to overturn this.
◆ 79: cute wife (1) PJ3/d8Ej0: 00:19:40.45 ID (Thurs) [sage] 2011/07/21 Osutaka to the mountains, hire every day I was friends with people at the time, was the executive of JAL I had been in the Nissan. And I wish I could give us a little memorial as deposit towards the bereaved, it at the time I was in their 20s said passionately. "In the end,? What was the cause" and ask if you can only repeat it, weekly articles.

I need not say anything and believe me, and do so though. 
That day, the scenic spot of a small hill called "Shonandai" swim in the Shonan 
I was. 
"Airplane? It is flying low in the air. Around here, Atsugi base is? Because close" 
I'm funny Anyway "belly of the plane" is seen in the vicinity so 
flew over here you also think we go away? "That ? " " looked Tsurumaru! seems that Megu~tsu round! " At the time, there was no telephone in the house, such as mobile phones. "In the news today. Nikko even missing machine" did you see us, maybe ... from that night, I could not sleep.

I tell you again the souls of those who died. 

◆ in Kawakami-mura, Nagano Prefecture 's testimony was witnessed jumbo jet that was with the "mark" Cranes is're flying low
most of the vertical tail is would have to be detached, Mr. Yoneda of the author, this testimony what concluded that it would be mistaken Kano "Kenji Yoneda follow the mystery of Osutaka " (2005 Takarajimasha)

(Transport from the crash site or imitation) (1) salvaged material unnatural sea 
eyewitness testimony "Mark Crane" in the near crash site (2) 
turning flight in the airspace over Sagami Bay, low (3)

Taken together these facts, will be the destruction of the vertical tail was a lie too. 
All the information that it is fabricated CVR, CFR, such as radar recording is confirmed as well.

Impossible to conclude whether or not the vertical tail in this photo 

flight crash JAL123 - Japanese black fog (New) - (3) did not break the vertical tail - follow the truth

http://blog.goo.ne.jp/adoi/ s /% A5% A8% A5% F3% A5% B8% A5% F3

The first wing did not fall - Nikko machine has not crashed in the mountains

There is a photo that wing is down, which leaves around the trees stood. 
Reports Jikocho is supposed to have slipped down the valley after colliding violently to the ridge,the trees must have been knocked If so, it is unnatural. I have also testified, initially came to the scene Mr. M (later testimony) and debris of the wing such that it was not.

Make sense when this is something that was deliberately dropped from above after the accident. 
In other words, the machine did not clash with each other Nikko mountain.Missile attack on the air, I crashed. 
We believe that Japan is a black fog (New) and.

Missile (15) were fired - and - Japanese black fog (New) follow the truth - the next crash JAL123

Man of the U.S. Air Force accident investigation staff slipped into the United States, the site monitoring

There are rumors in accident investigation staff of the United States "has slipped Lockheed employees" that. 
It is human wearing photos here, the blue shirt in the middle.

By Mr. B international military critic, has been found some facts from this photo.

Since I do not know until plated over (1) sunglasses, even though I have other staff Barbate in the heat, spine stretch, this person is monitoring closely the situation around. Is that of the soldiers who are also trained physique. 
Blue Dress (2) This is the uniform of the United States Air Force at the time for summer. 
What appears to be a red band with the breast (3), which shows the military career of the person in the compact is called "Ryakusho (Let abbreviated) or" and, instead of the medal was a jingling "(service ribbon) service ribbon" is. 
Seems to say people (Figure 1) is near the U.S. Air Force logo: You do not look good with only Boya (4), from the "Skunk Works logo of" The spread eagle-shaped V.

Research under the supervision U.S. military seems to have been done. By flaunt authority, are you doing intimidate our research staff. I probably had the lookout so as not to be recovered from inconvenient evidence.

Missile (6) were fired - and - Japanese black fog (New) follow the truth - the next crash JAL123

Why mountain ridge or Osutaka had scorched - vehemence unnatural body damage

Did you Kogashi a mountain ridge Osutaka, whether it was fire that resulted from Nikko machine really?

Impersonation theory one crash point. 
theory scar hiding two military conflict. 
theory baked killing three survivors.

(See below) is correct testimony of Mr. M, a large number of passengers to be thrown out of this ridge, and it was alive. 
Do you why it came to that name is the only four survivors, bodies are damaged sear Te violently?

It's terrible that hit the hypothesis, is not who killed baked in the machine like flamethrower later.

I understand that the situation in the body of the aircraft all-time low, we had been burnt too violently. 
For destruction of evidence, it would have indiscriminately Yakihara~tsu of life and death.Can not find the words to cruel way.

Missile (15) were fired - and - Japanese black fog (New) follow the truth - the next crash JAL123

Killing the survivors scattered the poison gas that has been liquefaction - a mysterious bottle had fallen to the crash site

Research team was picking a medicine bottle of the mystery at the site. It is the photo below.

I showed this to the medical personnel, I got the testimony of such a medicine bottle and have never seen.

According to Mr. B critic international military, because of its size and strength useful trend, can be used to instantly pull up type 
meets the requirements for the military, you are likely to poison gas was liquefied came in and things.

I was using this medicine bottle appraisal, it seems all of us to the body of the accident has occurred. 

Grounds Mr. B "This is VX gas" concluded with it.

Meaning that the vial was left at the scene VX gas is down. Where is gone is the content?

Will be only considered to have been used to kill after the survivors as well. 
I repeat so important. Survivors were killed is later.

Also the testimony of Mr. M which will be described later, "The voice of the valley Grunts (after one hour) had ceased and snugly" be with.

Japanese black fog (New) - (5) ghost Revived - follow the truth - the next crash JAL123

It is said that the poison gas called neurogenic strongest in history, and was used to kill the lawyer Sakamoto Aum Shinrikyo: VX gas.

Piece of metal that had fallen to the crash site was a missile debris

I mentioned before that I have picked up a piece of metal that seems way home climbing site on August 18, with a piece of aluminum alloy by chance. 
(Not Nikko also told of the accident aircraft) without any explanation to the U.S. military friend showed me a piece of metal. 
He is responsible for the maintenance of aircraft. 

His answer, I pulled out the liver throat. Carefully, I said loud and clear but with a questioning and "maybe". 
"Missile" (This is Missile.) 
"No way!" (Not really!) 
"Maybe, missile" (Maybe, missile.)

crash flight-JAL123 alleged - (Shiro Tsunoda)

Look at this piece of metal international military critic Mr B, I heard that the answer is a missile immediately. 
The thickness of the thin pieces of metal, the degree of deformation may be the missile itself. 

Missiles (3) were fired - and - Japanese black fog (New) follow the truth - the next crash JAL123


Missile had crashed into JAL aircraft engine - remains of a missile "Falcon" air-to-air

Although quite confusing, cylindrical material, such as a missile to the engine of the machine has been stuck Nikko.

Seems to be different from the nose cone. The reason is clear plastic over it? Do you wanted to hide something?

In Japanese black fog (New), have concluded it would be = missile parts of the engine of the machine cylindrical pierce Nikko.

Missile (2) were fired - and - Japanese black fog (New) follow the truth - the next crash JAL123

According to the international military critic Mr B, it is a thing with missiles "Falcon" air-to-air which was developed by Raytheon.

AIM-4F (left), AIM-26 (medium), AIM-47A (right) 

models that can be a mother ship launch of the Falcon at the time (1) is limited to 
countries that have introduced the system Fighter (2) The Falcon is very limited (often military secrets) 
Self-Defense Forces of Japan (3) has not introduced a system ambushed Falcon (too expensive) 
Some are decorated with red paint (orange) For (4) AIM-4 is 
(5) type A, two B 2 exists, the AIM-26 is a nuclear missile is type A

A: (1) ~ (3), only the models with a limited U.S. citizenship, in the sky of Japan, 
 is considered as the mother ship launch of the Falcon. 
B: (4), "missiles (3) were fired" and the relationship between the red debris is suspected. 
C: from (5), there is a possibility that has used nuclear weapons at the time of shooting down

this Falcon 3 interceptor system to function as a set point. It does not make sense on its own missiles. If the Falcon was used to shoot down really, it will be confirmed by the U.S. military criminal theory.

Missile (9) were fired - and - Japanese black fog (New) follow the truth - the next crash JAL123


Here is a separator that is in the fuse of the missile. This is the kind that had been dropped multiple.

Had been firing missiles as well as "Falcon" air-to-air, ground-to-air missiles. I said later.

Missile (8) were fired - and - Japanese black fog (New) follow the truth - the next crash JAL123

A Case Study of Korean missile unit -1 978 years is not always necessarily explode

Many found that the missile is not fired, there is a need to develop a long time. 
Mr. B says if hazardous materials like exploded in just a little touch, if not adopted everywhere.

There are examples that do not explode even once while receiving five missiles KAL airliner, crash-landed without getting even one victim.

[KAL airliner ditched the Soviet Union in 1978, has received missile attack] violated the airspace former Soviet Union in 1978, landed forced to Murmansk Korean Air airliner (KAL) Boeing 707 that had received missile attack twice is, 27, was revealed. April 21, after leaving the middle of Paris 110 people on board the crew and passengers, heading to Seoul, the route leaves the North Pole, KAL707 aircraft landed 200 miles south of the point on the surface of the lake very Murmansk. Have been known at the time, and only received a Soviet fighter aircraft guns fired warning shots.

(Snip) 2005.6.29 JoongAng Ilbo (Japanese) 

code = four hundred http://japanese.joins.com/article/article.php?aid=65080&servcode=400 §

This same thing happened in Nikko machine, it's called that, I decided to pierce to the warhead missile engine results.

Missile (4) were fired - and - Japanese black fog (New) follow the truth - the next crash JAL123

RC-135 U.S. aircraft wreckage was discovered from crash site

I think that is what is worked in manufacturing high-quality materials around with 'super' (1) is provided with a portion of hydraulic pipe fittings. There is no evidence such as totally degraded even after the lapse of 24 years in double pipe tube. In civil aircraft is very profitable luxury goods that do not fit. 
I think (2) shielding materials, and fall in large amounts on the scene, and had covered the entire aircraft probably internal. It is the specification of the reconnaissance aircraft laden with electronic equipment. 
(3) The cable clothing have been made ​​with advanced processing. Is thought to have been used in the phase detection sensor meter in the observation dome. 
(4) in the aircraft debris, part of the description of the name and affiliation of the U.S. Marine Corps coating is observed.

In Japanese black fog (New) has been identified as the RC-135 reconnaissance plane of the U.S. military this. 
Had crashed, I was not the only machine is Nikko.

Japanese black fog (New) - follow the truth - - crash flight JAL123 and justification to visit President Obama


Support the theory crash RC-135 U.S. aircraft - engine photos of different size and engine machine Nikko

Photos of this engine is very important clues.

(A few centimeters different extent depending on the model) 2.3m about P & W JT9D series: B747 
(not necessarily the catalog so as aircraft) system about P & W TF33 1.0m: RC-135

JAL B747 machine If so, is too small. People around is a different story if the giants. Make sense if the RC-135 of the U.S. aircraft. 

This picture is valuable evidence to support the fact that the aircraft other than the aircraft crashed Nikko.

Missile (10) were fired - and - Japanese black fog (New) follow the truth - the next crash JAL123


RC-130 reconnaissance aircraft U.S. Navy - the identity of the debris of Orange had fallen to the crash site

Fragments of a mysterious orange had fallen on the scene. This is not a machine, such as the target of the Self-Defense Forces. 

According to the international military critic of Mr. B , "Specifications rescue of RC-130 reconnaissance aircraft of the United States Marine Corps, it is part of the landing gear," is that it is.

■ The color gray is paint used for the equipment of the United States Marine Corps 
■ The color orange paint to top coat as the color identification of search and rescue aircraft 
plywood, including wood chips, boards ■ The strength inexpensively lighter than the metal remains in place those that have been increased 
and members how to hit the ■ rivet is a moiety that require considerable strength as a military

According to the Yomiuri Shimbun, August 13, 1985, that the engine and propeller of 4 m is found at the scene. 
This is the part that matches the propeller of the RC-130 exactly.

In addition, the photo here. Seems to be different from a piece of orange on.

■ All that is left on the back of the debris is a scar rupture of explosives, would be part warhead, such as missile 
from the fact that paint (orange) are subjected to red ■, missile FIM-43 surface-to-air site mobile Red (aka suspected to be part of the eye warhead) is dense

I understand that this is also the remains of the RC-130, have been destroyed in the shape of an elongated strip. According to Mr. B, and that may have exploded inside the aircraft, such as taking a red eye or anti-tank rockets. Mr. Tamura has concluded that this "Red Eye was all shot down," and is unknown clear grounds that led to it. Falcon has been determined that the initial cause of the black mist shot down in Japan (New), seems to be still in elucidating the cause. If Red Eye was used to shoot down really, I will be criminal is that the Self-Defense Forces.

Watch there seems to be personal effects of U.S. soldiers. 
In general, it is likely because it is not being sold military supplies.

If you think the meaning of that white men have visited the memorial, I have seen the answer itself. It was a "victim" is also the U.S. military.

Missile (5) were fired - and - Japanese black fog (New) follow the truth - the next crash JAL123


NORAD F-106 military aircraft that fired the missile "Falcon" air-to-air - the identity of the black debris had fallen into the crash point

You can see the remains of the missile was "Falcon" air-to-air, what is the military aircraft that fired this? 
According to Mr. B, and it is likely to be (delta dart) F-106's (North American Aerospace Forces) NORAD, if at that time in 1985. 

F-106 Delta Dart (from Wikipedia) to hide or display the identification number of the aircraft, there seems to also be filled in black.

Debris that might be this black debris.

Missile (11) were fired - and - Japanese black fog (New) follow the truth - the next crash JAL123

U-2 reconnaissance aircraft under the direct control of the identity of the debris-NSA black rubber material that had fallen to the crash point

Black paint is a rubber material that has been made, this debris I am very special. According to the international military critic Mr B, that it is that it is the American U-2 strategic reconnaissance aircraft. Machine is under the direct control of top-secret NSA, and I can never fly without the national determination to the U.S. government.

U-2 This is neither a fighter, I do not put out the speed. I did not arrive is dispatched accident from happening. 
Mr. B has been determined that knows the mountain incident beforehand Osutaka short, and might have been skipping in government decision in advance.

That the U.S. government (1) was involved in the subject 
that the U.S. government (2) had predicted the situation in advance 
that the U.S. government (3) had been regarded as matters of strategic importance national case

Meaning that the wreckage of reconnaissance aircraft that fly in the national strategy is down.Why reconnaissance aircraft that should not crash originally did you crash? The answer is "the war with Japan." As Mr. Tamura said, there is a high possibility that the Self-Defense Forces shot down U-2 reconnaissance aircraft with surface-to-air missile.

Missile (13) were fired - and - Japanese black fog (New) follow the truth - the next crash JAL123


Soviet armored vehicles - the identity of the steel plate overlaid had fallen to the crash point

I superimposed a steel plate had fallen close to the crash site. According to Mr. B, this means that something of the former Soviet Union. 
The former Soviet Union was behind the production of plastic development, it has been adopted with the steel plate superimposed on armored vehicles. The meaning of this debris that has fallen. It, it is that the entire force was annihilated it = was uncollectible.

Former Soviet Union was allied with the Ground Self-Defense Force at the time. This is described later in detail. 
You seem to have wanted to be intrusion armored car transport aircraft even committed a Japanese airspace. might have come to know that the Mig-25 has been crashed, to recover it.

Missile (14) were fired - and - Japanese black fog (New) follow the truth - the next crash JAL123


T38 or even crash a small U.S. Marine Corps fighter - the identity of the tail, which is confirmed by the video coverage

It is like the tail debris that was reflected in the visual media, there is a point obviously funny. The top has been written 70cm, bottom and 100cm, bottom is near the top of the times no matter how you look at it.

There is a Japanese black fog aircraft management team (New) found in the Philippines called "F-5E". Horizontal stabilizer in the form of this F-5E is very similar to the ones of the image. I do not even if there is a conflict about the length, it was 150cm instead of 100cm. Was likely a result, similar to that aircraft or new F-5E has crashed.

According to the international military critic Mr B, and that this form is likely to be in the military or Korean F-5E fighter T38 small, of the U.S. Marine Corps. 
It is under the control of the U.S. Air Force Air Force Korea, believe that it is more likely than a T38 of the U.S. Marine Corps.

Missile (16) were fired - and - Japanese black fog (New) follow the truth - the next crash JAL123

Also discovered Soviet MIG-25 aircraft - a large number of military aircraft wreckage was discovered in the crash point

Wreckage of a military helicopter (left) Boeing CH-46, (quoted from Wikipedia) (right) Bell UH-1H

Circumstantial evidence can not help but think of the unimaginable dogfight unfolded in the mountains and this uniform. 
It is a virtual war involving the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Navy, and the Self-Defense Forces. Will you still be called a "mountain Osutaka incident."

Saying, "It's an airplane graveyard," said B of international military critic.

There is a theory that "might have been my rose of aircraft debris in order to conceal the cargo of Nikko machine", 
there is no sense of hiding then. The very existence of military aircraft is because funny. Nikko machine ostensibly because they are that crashed in an accident, the other wreckage of the aircraft is the must-have happened.

There is also evidence that multiple aircraft were flying annoyingly. I found later. ※ could not be published in the character limit, at a later date as we post supplementary materials.

Japanese black fog (New) - follow the truth - - crash flight JAL123 and justification to visit President Obama


The four fragments were exposed

Fragments of the body frame ① UH-1H (or MP, Metropolitan Police, U.S. Army National Police Agency) 
aircraft debris ② F-4EJ Phantom (JASDF) 
aircraft debris ③ MIG-25 (former Soviet Union) 
aircraft debris ④ F-117 (U.S. Air Force)

① UH-1H

from the blue paint that has been described to be a helicopter belonging to (Military Police) MP in the U.S. Army, paint of the same color are also decorated helicopter Metropolitan Police Department, and the National Police Agency of Japan. (Troubled and otherwise) in a very natural thing for the police investigation to issue a helicopter accident site, the equipment of this frame is not necessarily limited to those of the U.S. military. It is also the monument erected by the Metropolitan Police rescue activities fairly respectable near the "monument of Shokon", the scene of the accident, feel a deep sense something. Also was involved in the war, I think it was meant for police? 

Of the Metropolitan Police Department was active in the relief efforts of the Metropolitan Police Department photo UH-1H "Bong" 

② F-4EJ
but I think aluminum alloy, heavy and thick, heavily come to hand. F-4 is specific flame has been pointed out that the weight of the body weight, the alloy can be determined from the diameter of the rivet may be older. In addition, traces of beige paint things that are quite fading is confirmed, you can be concluded to be the equipment of the Air Self-Defense Force clearly. That SDF machine that had fallen, give us suggestions about the deep involvement of the SDF to this accident. Why are you silent, and they've been shot down temporarily? Even crashed in an accident, you can silence it, where I also had the need to hide? Theories that treat someone like a criminal even though the Self-Defense Forces are everywhere, there is no strange behavior like nothing less than that taken by the Self-Defense Forces. F-4EJ JASDF ③ Mig-25 , according to Mr. B, for the occurrence of this aircraft is said was the expected range. Melee by U.S. forces in a situation such as Self-Defense Forces have occurred is that the former Soviet Union sent the fastest reconnaissance aircraft (Mig-25R) from Khabarovsk, conduct inspections and present that it is not hard to imagine. Anyway, for what is easily dropped, I remember the surprise obediently. Became the decisive factor in the decision, that it was a steel containing nickel debris somewhat yellowish. Is a heat-resistant steel, said world wide, have a material used in fighter aircraft is not simple as possible in addition to Mig-25.

Fuel pipe triple that is used in the MIG-25 and MIG-25 
"no doubt to those. MIG-25 the design concept is fundamentally different fighter and west," said by B 

④ F-117
aircraft stealth special Since it uses the determination of this unit is very easy. Flexible glass fiber is employed in wing, we are filled with a lightweight metal in the honeycomb on the honeycomb structure with improved strength. very light compared to the area occupied by, is a completely different material as aircraft fuselage. There is no doubt in the U.S. Air Force F-117 at the time of the accident, had not been published even its existence. 

(Flexible glass fibers), the back surface of the wing surface material ④ F-117 and F-117

Police, Metropolitan Police MP or U.S. Army, the Air Self-Defense Force, the former Soviet Union, the U.S. Air Force. 
We face錚barrel makes a line here bombing, countless aircraft tch I was in the darkness of night. 

It is that the debris is not limited to the mountain Osutaka, ranging between the mountains of Nagano Prefecture Minamiaiki village, to the system of Saitama Chichibuyama. 

Self-Defense Forces and U.S. forces are also killing each other even if the same organization for the destruction of evidence.

Japanese black fog (New) - (091 212) Seminar report - follow the truth - the next crash JAL123


Summary of military aircraft, etc. helicopter was shot down - this is the "war with the United States"

If I ever talk about together,
■ helicopter UH-1H (or MP, U.S. Army National Police Agency, the Metropolitan Police Department) 
■ helicopter CH-46 (U.S. Navy) 
■ Phantom F-4EJ (JASDF) 
■ MIG-25 (former Soviet Union) 
■ F-117 (U.S. Air Force) 
■ RC-135 military aircraft (U.S. Air Force) 
■ F-106 Delta Dart (NORAD) 
RC-130 reconnaissance aircraft ■ (U.S. Marine Corps) 
T38 fighter small ■ (U.S. Marine Corps) 
U-2 (NSA) ■ strategic reconnaissance aircraft 
■ armored car (former Soviet Union) 
■ Sukhoi (former Soviet Union)

I was discovered a number of armored vehicles, aircraft, helicopters have become so much debris. 
How will I know whether the fierce battle had been fought. If this is a "war" even seen.

A source book of Mr. Tamura has been added to the list as well, "Sukhoi of the former Soviet Union." 
Reported that the remains found from the scene of the series so far Sukhoi is not a Japanese black fog (New).

Elements were included tetrafluoroborate virulent substance in cargo flights JAL123

It is a substance that had fallen to the crash site as well. That had put blur for hazardous materials.

According to the professor of physics at a university, 
a substance this : "prime tetrafluoroborate which was fixed to (C) carbon (boron tetrafluoride BF4)" and, if separated from the carbon material on the earth almost anything thing with superacid become dissolved gases. Is said to be the raw material of poison gas erosive. Only "BF4" This is the flagship product of chemtrails and the past few years.

If this is true, you can explain all of the following strange phenomenon.
that the recovered material (1) was brought back, earth, leaves are tinged odor abnormal 
in the area the scene of the accident in the summer (2) that the odor abnormal drifts 
is steel immersed for years in stream water in the vicinity of the accident site (3) that it does not rust in the shiny

So that the stream water is contained in large amounts of fluoride ion, we Kan'nagawa into the Tone through. I am going to the majority of the Tone River and ground water intake metropolitan area contains fluorine. Japanese black fog (New) - (1) ghost resurrection - follow the truth - the next crash JAL123http://blog.goo.ne.jp/adoi/e/db05cced5531708541635df7fd18d101

There was a case where poison has been sprinkled on the Tone River basin in May of this year,
or imitative deception to camouflage this?

Unrestricted intake of water purification plant in Saitama [formaldehyde], a new stop in one place, Chiba - SankeiBiz (Sankei Biz)


JAL123 flight material and continue for several years to melt the snow -20 was used to transport nuclear weapons

As you can see a picture of here, I'm no longer accumulate snow melts, some only partially. In the black fog Nippon, a substance that generates heat without refueling of any in this place, that have concluded that "radioactive material that caused the thermonuclear reaction has been buried and".

According to the international military critic Mr B, the use of nuclear weapons in order to kill the survivors of the flight JAL123 be unlikely. 
If people use the nuclear radioactivity spreading Indeed, I should step into the field and the radiation damage is suffered in another. I has come to a conclusion on the evidence "in the flight JAL123 warheads had been piled up" of this.

IAEA to be sniffed this, either to carry Tsuruga Nuclear Research Institute 
it has been speculated whether it is not was trying Hakobidaso loose surveillance outside of Osaka harbor. Transport destination is that there was a national alliance Singapore, North Korea and the GSDF or Sen.

And, I was found (which raised the concentration refining uranium) yellow cake. 
as a fragment that was found in a state in which it has been filled in a hexagonal honeycomb structure.

Is "a fragment of nuclear weapons," This is what. It is the physical evidence that can not be moved. 
not remain so for example if a nuclear weapon exploded fragment, this is that fragments of unexploded ordnance. 

Missile (12) were fired - and - Japanese black fog (New) follow the truth - the next crash JAL123

Decisive shot down flight of JAL123 that has not been clarified yet something - a piece of metal in nuclear warheads were discovered from the field

According to a piece of metal here, Mr. B critic international military components of nuclear warheads it be that it is. As far as I have seen in the photograph. It is determined by the Japanese black fog (New), and Is not that what the true weapons of this nuclear warhead debris was shot down Nikko machine.

Identity in relation to this is that during the investigation and still.

Japanese black fog (New) - (2) strange rumor to be worried about - follow the truth - the next crash JAL123

Continue flying despite the missile attack such as Falcon, JAL machine I was stung to stop this weapon.

Why were considered nuclear material is a piece of metal, in the Japanese black fog (New) There is a clear reason. During the lecture, where Mr. S brought to the venue of this material seems to be pointed out that your rash is seen "someone have brought radioactive material" and to many participants.

I have seen it to understand this material, indispensable to global discovery of flight crash JAL123.

Japanese black fog (New) - (3) of the gods Rakurui - follow the truth - the next crash JAL123

In addition, Mr. Tamura this "shoot down all the red eye of surface-to-air missile" has concluded, 
is unknown what basis do you conclude along. Source that was shot down by the Red Eye was not found.

Testimony of the first civilian who visited the scene of the crash, Mr M

This testimony of Mr. M is very important. 
Proved to be true if this is the testimony of numerous lies.

● I think I learned the breaking of the accident, it was seven o'clock in the evening around 12 days. Reports that the crash site was near the village Kitaaiki (Nagano Prefecture) at that time. So he thought since it was asked how to place a call to a friend who lives in the village of Kawakami is located in the south more villages and Kitaaiki, crashed and you do not know either, but it remains not only the mountains village Minamiaiki , I went there. 
● I took about 6-7 hours to arrive on the scene since the beginning of the mountain. I arrived, it was around 4:00 am it should. 
● Self-Defense Forces Personnel (A) 7-80 people, place 100 people had come already unpleasant. 
● I think though not all were counted, and there were no less than 4-50 people and from the way the sound of the voice. 
● personnel's response (A) felt a sense of distrust. Just say "because it is dangerous and badly run, have to come from the rear unit (B) to pay," and I do not try to do anything. I have been doggedly put things in place 4 ~ 50cm round bag with hand, picked up from the ground. 
● In addition to the bag, army knife large body, the eyes also goggles, night vision unplug the one hand, and shoes are wearing a shoe short toes, equipment's members (A) I can remember, the slope I thought it contained a closer look of this mountain that tight. 
● to about one hour after arriving, we have arrived following the Self-Defense Forces troops (B) is in succession. Also, because it was moved to the first system to increase wearing the night vision scope also force (A), I think okay with this anymore, I started the descent at this time. In addition, the following unit (B), so it was difficult to walk in the mountains wearing boots, I wonder can walk properly with this? I thought. 
● Around five o'clock in the morning to start the descent, the voice of the valley had ceased Grunts and snugly. 
● Some of the injured have seen me, there was a man torn just one fingertip. I think "Do never die, if this level", I remember clearly did put off rescue efforts (voice over to the members). Or if he has become, I do not even know me. 
● I think lie reported. I could have saved the lives of many people more clearly. 
● When the body by accident in the mountains, I will Kuiarasa badly, such as raccoon and fox, the animals of the mountain, the bodies were seen in the field, not like Signs that guys gave a hand, it is those who know the mountain as a very strange thing.

Japanese black fog (New) - (4), those wriggling in the dark night - follow the truth - the next crash JAL123

In Japanese black fog (new) have concluded as follows.

■ Self-Defense Forces of (A), the troops of U.S. forces in Japan Sen morning pretending to SDF 
SDF ■ (B), the Self-Defense Forces of real 
destruction of evidence saying (B) and rescue operations in conjunction with ■ (A) There is a possibility that in order to

Forces and thousands of U.S. forces in Japan that morning disguised SDF - testimony of Mr. B international military critic

According to the testimony of Mr. M, "Self-Defense Forces (A)" was held as a Swiss army knife large equipment. 
According to the international military critic Mr B, that this is unlikely as the equipment of the Self-Defense Forces, however.

■ Army Knife is not a large equipment at the time of the Self-Defense Forces. Because they are very expensive but like a simple weapon, it should at the time had not yet been formally adopted. 
■ also night vision scope, because it was supposed to, whether or not there was a small amount of the Self-Defense Forces troops Ranger at the time, was also available with 100 people and I think it is difficult. 
■ possibility is high if as equipment of U.S. forces in Japan both 
have not been in the public ■, to USFJ troops collected a thousand morning in Japan there are 
usually ■ are responsible and guard base would be no difficulty, such as organizing the troops in position 200 people suddenly gathered Suruga, excellent person 
can either Japanese ■, appearance is indistinguishable from the Japanese.On the contrary it is the first aim 
, if I would shoot a Japanese white international issues in mission ■ guard, there is a possibility that the other person can not be fired on the guard by the Japanese when the Japanese. Therefore, they are used successfully in Japan. Has been done as a matter of course in accordance with the situation of the country in which such treatment is stationed 
personnel nationals thousand morning in Japan has been adopted not only Korean nationals also in the USFK ■, they peninsula Sen morning It is a professional group that has experienced fighting in combat tension of 

Japanese black fog (New) - (5) shall be wriggling in the dark night - follow the truth - the next crash JAL123
Http://Blog.Goo.Ne.Jp / adoi/e/ff06037ad95ed4ebc68ebceed8fde906
This is why the Self-Defense Forces (A) to be a legion Sen morning U.S. forces in Japan.

- Summary JAL123 flights laden with nuclear weapons is to blow air through Red Eye of the Self-Defense Forces, many survivors were killed later

I packed all the subtitle. × ○ I have put together in the form of.

U.S. military missile target machine △ Maritime Self-Defense Force of pressure wall damage × ×: cause of the crash of ground-to-air missile Red Eye JGSDF ○
crashed into a mountain ×: state crash missile in the air by the blast ○
7000 over Izushimoda ×: true route to the west to the east over 700m Izushimoda ○
× U.S. Navy Maritime Self-Defense Force accident × ×: true mastermind of the Air Self-Defense Force and U.S. forces in Japan ○ (betrayal of one's own country-group non-regular troops of the former Imperial Army series) 
accident × △: downed purpose assassination of an engineer △ △ TRON Glico Morinaga assassination of criminal threat to the Plaza Accord of hiding nuclear warhead production ○
name 4 ×: number of survivors 
40 ~ 50 ○ name (killing machine and later from radiation poison gas flame) 
Number of victims: 520 name △ ○ name +500 520 degree name (estimated by the International Military critic Mr. B)

■ false information was put in for the confusion 
 theory shot down by machine target of SDF- 
 testimony Antonutchi of the U.S. military- 
 Flight Recorder (CFR) 
 -Voice Recorder (CVR) 
list of aircraft that were destroyed, shot down ■ 
 -helicopter UH-1H (or MP, U.S. Army National Police Agency, Metropolitan Police) 
 Helicopter CH-46 (U.S. Navy) 
 Phantom F-4EJ (JASDF) 
 -MIG-25 (former Soviet Union) 
 -F-117 (U.S. Air Force) 
 RC-military aircraft, (U.S. Air Force) 135 
 F-106 Delta Dart (NORAD) 
 RC-130 reconnaissance aircraft (U.S. Marine Corps) 
 (U.S. Marine Corps) T38 Small-fighter 
 -2 U (NSA) strategic reconnaissance aircraft, 
 armored vehicles, the former Soviet Union ( ) 
 - Sukhoi former Soviet Union ()

This is all the truth of the flight crash JAL123. 
Astonishing conclusion is based on the physical evidence demonstrated repeated numerous, was issued. 

Management team said early Japanese black fog (New), all of us military critic Mr B had been initially refused to reality. 
Completely turned over 180 degrees so far common sense, terrible truth is about to be revealed at last.

In Japanese black fog (new), "new series hammer of the gods and the invisible people"has been started. 
And that we will cut the mastermind of the case, an Illuminati world domination, the essence in this series. 
Revelations of the crash is JAL123 flight, are you still continued.

I understand that to have moved to the Philippines right now, there is no update for almost a month. 
I hope that it will be safe.

I also had to get the fish print this article just in case.

We will continue to pursue in the future, the various conspiracy has been seen from the truth of the crash flight JAL123.

Aircraft Accident Investigation Committee briefing paper of reference:

Article is based on false reports record forgery.

Japan Airlines JA8119 Ueno-mura Tano-gun, Gunma Prefecture, Boeing 747SR-100 belongs Ltd.

1962 flight accident investigation report one hundred twenty-three
five http://jtsb.mlit.go.jp/jtsb/aircraft/download/bunkatsu.html # 
commentary on aviation accident investigation report (PDF)
Http://Www.Mlit. go.jp/jtsb/kaisetsu/nikkou123-kaisetsu.pdf

Source: voice recorder that has been forged (CVR)

About how and why the decision has been fabricated, please refer to the article at the top. 
By this fake CVR has the effect of many eyes away from the truth. It is a typical mislead.

CVR forged composite technology can be explained with voiceprint. 
Its high accuracy, even in the family should not hear was accustomed to hear is that of the impossible.

(也Aya Yano) black pocketbook According to the " case was fabricated evidence to exploit the voiceprint synthesis technology seems to have been written.

circumstances that CVR has been published are as follows.

On the International Covenant (1) there is no obligation to publicly CVR of (voice) 
(2000) tape recording (2) CVR are those which had been delivered to the journalists anonymously 
companies (3) The media is taking back a sufficient (2000), broadcast this tape without it the 
once (4), it was appraised tape are anonymous pilot Nikko at the time, Mr. Hideo Fujita had an independent survey of the accident 
before the distribution media of tape Anonymous (5) to, Mr. Fujita, called the manager runs Nikko 
 "only family captain Takahama may to listen in secrecy," and the same content 
 is passed the tape, and I listened to your family quality (the public and then 
 and was worse than what is, Mr. Fujita has testified)

Missile (7) were fired - and - Japanese black fog (New) follow the truth - the next crash JAL123

Comment on trumped record: ● If this accident had me when in elementary school. Impact of the video I still can not forget. Because it was an accident the more shocking. Voice will not. Moment you finish listening honesty ... I heard the voice recorder, I could not know the truth of this incident and move into adulthood. So that this kind of accident does not happen again with us pray for the souls of those who would have died no matter how scary Tsu ... · · · ·

List of Articles category crash flight-JAL123 Japanese black fog (New) Source:

Although each series divided for convenience, I recommend that you read in chronological order of the time series. 
By new evidence is discovered, because I have a theory overturned several times in the past.

Has picked up the only thing about the next crash JAL123 basically. 
I think a lot of other information is put together in the future.

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