Relief agencies in the establishment of human rights bill dangerous death Tadahiro Matsushita Financial Services Minister! Weekly Shincho confirm media betrayal of one's own country as well! Impossible suicide in women's issues!

※ added 9/12 betrayal of one's own country is the media tried to bury the scandal is also the Minister of Matsushita "Weekly Shincho". The headline "Media Weekly Shincho betrayal of one's own country as well," I was put with. ■ downfall in women's issues murder disguised as suicide ■ multiple spies seem to have aimed the "life" of the Minister of Matsushita. "Against the regime of human rights law and foreign carrots" "tried to Tsukeyo hands on U.S. Treasuries," The treatment that has been a nuisance from any force would be truth. At Google news, headline the following stand out. Google Trends Weekly Shincho [Breaking] TOP! Matsushita suicide finance ministers - the conspiracy? Conspiracy theories about "Human Rights Protection Act"] is spreading in the net! It is not worth mentioning is that there is nothing in the media to be posted on Google News.

News of impact is warned. 
It is with the "suicide" is Matsushita minister in charge of financial affairs. Not to say anymore.

In response to this, and voice? "Or fraternity soon" has emerged in the internet.

I write the reason for the "fraternity" is Matsushita minister briefly this time.
■ opposed to postal privatization 
redress human rights violations against the bill ■ 
foreign ■ carrots also opposed government 
to stop Japanese and Korean currency swap ■ opposition 
said it would strengthen the crackdown ■ Insider

Only with respect to Japan and South Korea currency swap, I have a pro-claim beyond. 
Plan of the Illuminati bent on war Japan and South Korea, perhaps contains the swap stop.
I did not think the war would happen to stop immediately swap, or serious situation in Korea than you think?

Matsushita minister, to think that it was "disturbed" in every sense of the word it is natural.

Escaped the bill approved by the Cabinet by the opposition established the Commission on Human Rights, the Minister of Matsushita and there are rumors. There was a decision for the minister if the opposition does not even one, and "Let's appeal to conservative lawmakers also" template.

3OC9l16M0: 18:55:36.20 ID (Mon) 2012/09/10: 12: Ψ 
@ Nameless anniversary Posted: 13 Name: 657 peAofLXP0: 18:38:07.02 ID (Mon) 2012/09/10

> You may (human rights violations bailout) bill will be approved by the Cabinet established the Human Rights Commission. 
Thank you · FAX phone as many opposite-mail per copy. 
In particular, the conservatives and Tadahiro Matsushita; (National Public Safety Commission Chairman) (New Party national Minister of Posts and Telecommunications), Hitoshi Matsubara, 
we did not ask to be concentrated FAX. Addressed to the representative of the new party's national self Shozaburo seen further coalition 
thank you also. The cabinet decision [the Minister] agree with all the conditions required so that, one 
can not determine if the Cabinet "opposition" even. 
Therefore, the Minister of the Democratic Party Matsubara, "or in the same bill, the Minister of the new party Matsushita public 
and please the opposition ", we'll send an email or FAX.

What do you think of the possibility of Matsushita minister tried to oppose one to bailout abuses. 
If Matsushita even erase, erase it You're Toseru bill.

Take a look at this.

We are trying to pass the extraordinary Diet session starting from September 13, set the [human rights violations] · [government bailout] Foreign carrots. 
Koshiishi it is "very important bill, such as carrots foreign regime over a party conference restraint" with. 

Please let me stop to the phone right now conservative lawmakers mail.There is a contact list on the left of this blog during my

Bill called "Charter taxpayer" has gone from it enacted, ... They say we're going to be very bad 
and I just do not know at all now to study what I actually also bad. 
Information of the reader, who has to write to the IRS 2ch? After the Charter "taxpayer" this is satisfied, is 
because it is that "bailout" human rights when they are satisfied, such as would get unlimited tax evasion, 
the time now I am so want you to work opposite because it troubled So a few hours later to ask for the time being there is a useful description of the information, such as someone I can not be confirmed without this.


[For an updated version of the national lawmakers protest], diffusion, all parties, local governments, all address addy phone
impending crisis relief bill approved by the Cabinet of human rights violations! I also submit to the National Assembly in September this! What was the fuss letter Kuramashi eye "is not partisan human rights" of Prime Minister Noda and Komeito Korea! 
best to prevent a cabinet decision in September: Summary Gallery and destination template bailout protest of human rights violations! Japan faced a crucial moment of the nation! Shatter the ambition of a thousand morning in Japan! 

Japan has been trying to be really scary country. 
Indeed, I am on the verge of being completely taken over Asia especially in real time now. 

Commission on Human Rights established bill goes up to the Cabinet, I can not stop anyone then. 
If you do not put into action right now anyway, was bad law once it is Homureru has been Tosa this time.


Eerie countdown clock appeared to be Illuminati! Earthquake or terrorist or malicious mischief, something happened on September 9! Again!


Illuminati clock made ​​shady site has become a hot topic.

■ minutes 33 seconds 23:13, September 09, 2012 when the countdown reaches zero 
■ countdown from nine years ago has begun 
■ David Ike introduced since 2007 has been 
09 ■ 9 is the London Paralympics last day

It has become a hot topic of terrorism and is also to be awakened in such purported. 

I hope that nothing happens again, ending in a hoax.


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Crash of JAL flight JAL123 truth machine was destroying evidence of carrying nuclear weapons! Japan is a nuclear-armed nation already! Self-Defense Forces, U.S. Army, the Russian military will shoot down all aircraft at the end of a Deadly Battle! Military conflict with the truth of that unimaginable?


From the crash of flight JAL123 that 520 names are also victims, when I was 27 years elapsed. 
We pray together with us of those who died, I would sincerely sympathy to the bereaved family, everyone involved. 
In addition, to express my memorial to all the people and relationships that scatter their lives secretly by this accident, I pray sincerely.

Truth of the crash flight JAL123. 
It would not be an exaggeration to say that the darkness of the largest post-war Japan. 
I is critical for you to understand the truth of this incident, uncovering the relationship behind. 
All appear to remain in darkness homely Sara This is far from a pipe dream that can not be made, such as world peace.

In a survey taken in April, I got a comment like the following. "Japan? Should be armed with nuclear weapons" is voting to.

● I can not and do not return to a normal state of Japan tell the truth. (Aichi / teen / 40 men) 
deployed nuclear warheads to several locations, such as the Self-Defense Forces base already ● ● ●. Nakasone story dating back to the era. JAL was the courier? Tip in the crash of flight 1985 JAL123, you're. (Tokyo / teen / 50 male)

I have decided from the beginning of this day and the release date. 
Since the trailer was released just a month ago, I think I have noticed many people.

August 12, 2012. With this day of 27 th anniversary, we will start the exposure truth.

JAL123 flight crash is not just in a plane crash. 
This is the case of the largest post-war in 1985 was in the midst of the Cold War is not to be expected. 
It is no exaggeration to say that "war", if Motozuke to a number of physical evidence, which will be described later.

Pressure bulkhead is damaged by metal fatigue, the lie that the crash was a bright red. 
Conspiracy theory that it was shot down as a threat to the U.S. military to swallow the Plaza Accord in Nakasone is common. 

Adopted this theory Mr. Benjamin Fulford, I pointed out that there was the cause of the bubble in the Plaza Accord.

About the state of the world before and after the Plaza Accord, we amend the article so digress.

However, I'm not even the conspiracy theory that accurate. 
Behind it is that most people do not know, that the more serious reason is hidden. 

Even the Mr Fulford, probably not to have an accurate understanding of the darkness.

, Because I did not know that there is a remnant of the Soviet Union to the scene of the crash aircraft flight JAL123. 
Only "when U.S. aircraft were probably for intimidation Uchiotoshi" I should think that. I think it is difficult to understand the relationship of the SDF and the U.S. military complex and simple "control U.S. slavery" in the first place. Of course, I might just have to pretend you do not know.

Malicious poisoning attack could have been made as compared to the last Sun will not be - if we had any chance to get involved in this matter.

Illuminati formulate a thorough plan to achieve multiple goals at once - the real purpose of 9.11 Introduction:

Before going into the mysterious darkness that is lurking in the crash flight JAL123, taking as an example the 9.11 truth many more is being clarified, I will explain the background.

It is not only an excuse for war was to blow up the World Trade Center in kno Homebrew NY.
■ trumpeted al-Qaeda terrorism, used to induce public opinion to the invasion of Iraq 
(Japanese insurance company bankruptcy) killing by multiplying the insurance Trade Center ■ NY 
killing by short selling a lot of stock in advance aircraft ■ 
■ U.S. government financial = Mr. Fulford annihilating organization that has been investigated 
from the day before the royal debt repayment date 2001.9.12 ■ Asia, for debt bilk Mr. Fulford =

There are many purposes to just mention briefly here. 
Did over the long schemed to kno this homebrew is beneficent force Illuminati devil world ruler, greed. 
In order to achieve multiple objectives simultaneously, I've been in years and the crossover network decades of careful planning.

Similarly, it had been planned to meet the multiple purposes since the very beginning JAL123 flight crash with it.

Someone is "ruler" Japan true mastermind - the truth of the flight crash JAL123

JAL123 following flights is "shot down" and why is it truth surrounding.
In order to blackmail the Nakasone in order to drink the agreement: 1. Plaza 
to assassinate all the four heavyweights business community in the Kansai region was opposed to consensus 2. Plaza 
for destruction of evidence to kill perpetrators of Morinaga 3. Glico 
4. In order to kill 17 people technicians TRON OS Panasonic 
U.S. military discovered that the flight 5. JAL123 have to transport nuclear warheads, was attacked with missiles 
to conceal the transport warheads 6., the machine JAL SDF shot down lured to the mountains Osutaka 
U.S. aircraft, machine friendly, SDF 7. has further shot down all aircraft machine NSA only reconnaissance, to machine the Soviet Union 
there were more than several dozen survivors of flight 8. JAL123, such as poison gas VX nearly everyone was killed in a manner 
in order to have a religious meaning 9., the victim did not do without the 520 people

1,2 is common in conspiracy theories. 
Although I think credibility is high 3, there is no evidence. 
I know immediately if also studied 4.

The problem is after 5. This is the main theme of this article.

All main culprit is a giant demon forces rooted in the land and the Air Self-Defense Force and U.S. forces in Japan that is on the extension of the old imperial army. 
All parties conspire, I have done a magnificent hiding in national costume costume world. 

It is common knowledge among those involved with a number of deployed nuclear warheads to the Self-Defense Forces base already.

And will never be informed of the fact that the Japanese people.

Truth of the crash from flight-JAL123 book Mr. Kaoru Tamura 珠

Scenario was prepared after the final war aliens finally

unlock all the secrets are in the book of Mr. Fang Zhu Tamura. 
It is very unacceptable content, please read first.

Truth of flights JAL123

listened plutonium used in nuclear weapons, that they are taken out of the top-secret nuclear facility in Nagano Prefecture, and I had some things that come with the pin. It is an association took place in August 1985, and the crash of flight JAL123. In fact, rather than accidents caused by metal fatigue, this crash was the result of the battle by the Self-Defense Forces and the U.S. military. A result of the local people who witnessed the incident of a series, picking up the wreckage of the aircraft to Iriyama many times, we continue the investigation for more than 25 years, as well as aircraft of Flight 123, was found the Corps U.S. Marine debris, such as the F-106 aircraft belonging to the U.S. Air Force disguised RC-130 propeller aircraft landing gear part, ground-to-air missile warhead Red Eye, with black paint, but it was a huge amount of debris. 
The main reason for flight JAL-123 was shot down was due to assassinate four heavyweights of the Kansai business community was opposed to the United States induced appreciation of the yen. I lodge in August 1985, the United States and "I want to appreciation of the yen" to Japan, Kansai four economic mandarin strongly opposed and ended inconclusively in talks again. In this case, there were also other reasons but actually. Actually, it's irritating that was in the "core" flight 123. It's that he was expected to carry on Osaka gained nucleus produced in the country, from the port of shipment to somewhere Osaka. 
I was using scouting and doubt that Japan is manufacturing nuclear weapons secretly, the United States, we want to suppress the evidence that, in the paint him black in order to catch the information that is carried in flight JAL123, holding the spot I prowl after JAL machine machine disguised affiliation unknown. If you try to to Japan, I had to manufacture nuclear weapons secretly trying to outwit the United States, I will be very difficult to hold the spot. I was made ​​to be that destination will they sink into the sea together with ALL aircraft there, to be shot down by U.S. aircraft at sea.

However, the captain of the JAL machine was surprisingly excellent people. 
JAL on the machine side is not convey the contents of the shipment, the fact that only "is a precious thing", the Japanese government has requested the boarding of the pilot of the veteran. SDF is originally from there, was put in charge of masterful that it is a pilot flying a skilled "pilots Masami Takahama". Because it trained combat, when the tail has been destroyed by the U.S. military, he seems to have realized that it is already artificially attack.Quickly, I switched to a very low flight altitude of 1000 m or less. Because I would not be captured in this advanced radar. To that end, since, Flight 123 disappears from radar control, air traffic controllers around the machine even want to help JAL, he can no longer even be chasing shadows but that machine. The exact route after an error occurs, so I do not know have now. (Note: ※ large potential was destroyed is not a tail)

And inferred from the context of accident investigation and then, without being descended even Haneda, without being descended even Yokota Air Base, is less than a hope of implantation sea, flight JAJ123 who lost destined to go, the machines SDF appeared suddenly been induced, You seem headed in the direction of Nagano. I thought I would try to be the captain, "and was saved by this." Willing to help, such as flights JAL123, Self-Defense Forces aircraft, it was not smooth, however. Not only U.S. aircraft in order to know that was sniffed the U.S. military, to turn off the "core", which is present evidence is coming shortly, together with ALL passenger flights JAL123, I was trying Salo erase everything. Machine induced SDF flights JAL123 to run about trying to escape, to lure (Takamagahara) Takamagahara a secret base, we have together with ALL U.S. aircraft shot down in the Red Eye of ground troops was waiting for him. The flight JAL123, I just crashed into a ridge (or the Osutaka) Osutaka mountain in the mountains thus Takamagahara. Way that is thorough. Of course, U.S. aircraft had been chasing it with a flight JAL123, Russian military reconnaissance aircraft (Bureau of the U.S. National Security), that could only come with the sense the accident further NSA machine SDF derived, was in intelligence it to Sukhoi, I was shooting dropped entirely. · · ·.

Self-Defense Forces conducted a thorough destruction of evidence after the crash. 
There are people notice immediately after the accident as "funny", was investigated into the mountains, ask around and sightings from climbers that day, had been traverse the mountain, I grabbed one end of the plot it. According to the report, at around 2 am from climbers came close to the crash site, the voice of the people seeking help seems to have had a large number to hear. I can not not even in place of animal trail steep slopes, however quite approach the scene. As soon as the helicopter flew them, sprinkled something, stop moaning and noises are quite right that has been heard so far, silence seems to have visited all around.

About the behavior of this helicopter, in order to leave no survivors, whether it is not my boron fluoride was on the scene, multiple experts are analyzing. I'm trying to Iriyama testimony and our local volunteers were then witnessed the accident should save the survivors, the SDF has already barricaded, and could not get close. From local residents who were closest to, or why the SDF had arrived on the scene first. We give evidence of, the fact that it was shot down thing, not the accident. Already, such as the remnants of nuclear weapons "goods" evidence is recovered, he would at that time was probably buried in darkness.

What is the truth, who is in the light, the enemy someone, that reality does not grasp exactly, seems certain that there is a large conspiracy. By the way, the flight crashed JAL123 When did that in August, and in September of the following month, the agreement developed by five countries (G5) has been made ​​at the Plaza Hotel in New York. The world say it is the "Plaza Accord". To save the United States, international cooperation to the appreciation of the yen against the dollar, but was negotiated, in order to survive the recession is assumed appreciation of the yen, Japan, I moved to monetary easing. Lower the discount rate that is, to adopt a low interest rate policy, significantly increasing the money supply, money in such a manner that the society Dabutsuku splashing water sound, did you and your attempts to prevent a recession. 
As a result, Japan was going to rip into the frenzy of the bubble economy.

Blog zeranium: (mountain crash Osutaka) flights truth JAL123

Victims of flight 520 JAL123

As mentioned earlier, the "flight JAL123" was shot down because it was laden with the nucleus. Crew of 520 people became collateral, chagrin of the passengers are incalculable at that time. Also be said to be the end of God's plan Again, this is horrible too. They really do I just became a sacrifice in vain, however? It's I do not think so.

Machine is JAL, fell in Takamagahara why? 
Why does it was Flight 123? 
Why 520 people were victims? 
There should be a reason for it.

There was a mountain with that Takamagahara (Takamagahara), a special name. 
As is well known, in the Kojiki, which means a holy place to be (or seize any) God and live Tianjin. "Hifumi" 123 = is a special number that represents the ritual, despite the tactics destroy the information up to cruel, four of the passengers 524 survive as a result, the victim became 520 people sign is not clear that such a strange thing, a coincidence, told me the real reason.

In this world there is no such thing as a coincidence. 
So there is significant. Was Ikitsui was sleeping Buddhas body 520 on both sides of the shrine in the Takamagahara. Object of worship at the shrine that is (Kunitokotachinomikoto) Mikoto country always stand. Standing always respected country was king of ancient Japan was a good person, feared by evil vassal personality too strict, it was assassinated. And neck of preciousness standing always for the country assassination was shed's shed Kan'nagawa (Kan'nagawa), the fuselage, "he was stained with blood without bear" when rinsing the blood Arakawa, assassin returns Only three of the headwaters of the river that is the will and the Chikuma Takamagahara (Chikuma).

(Kunitokotachinomikoto) Mikoto always standing in the country and to revive the shrine, the old people had to pay diligently and Buddhas. Buddhas of the body 520 to pay, at the moment (the Spirit) enters the Spirit of 520 people who lost their lives in the flight JAL123, there is a legend that the country always respected standing Su and El. Local people to know this legend, I realized when I saw the news of the accident flight JAL123, I know it was 520 people victims, "Oh, these people he let me gill Su God" and That's right. 520 people I am but it was not going to sacrifice in vain. They will always stand Mikoto country, I wasえっSu to protect the country of Japan. 

Sukhoi Russian military became collateral is JAL123 flight was was caught by pure accident. Around Yaizu of Shizuoka JAL123 flight was attacked by U.S. aircraft, there is a factory of canned tuna. There has been imported from Russia of raw tuna, but its cargo will be Orosa Yaizu It is a fishing port. When the tuna raw material is transported by ship to Japan, Russia, the Russian Air Force Sukhoi be tracking the ship from the air for escort I had become so customary. This day, for days at a ship just arrived, when I was in Russia over machines happen, you seems to have caught sight of an airplane of the U.S. aircraft that attacked the tail of the flight JAL123. 
This is when there must be something, as a result of wear after secretly, pilot of the Sukhoi had been caught up in the battle of the SDF and U.S. aircraft. This fact has been left in the camera flight passengers JAL123 was taken from the cabin. I died the owner of the camera, was developed locals the film have been left at the scene of the crash, was a survey has brought back pieces, what is the picture I was reflecting only sky through the window of the plane but I came out as well. Owner of the camera around Shirahama, seems to have found a shiny object through the window. Sukhoi seemed suspicious to come chasing after that, I had taken many times each time the Russian aircraft visible. Analysis of the landscape that is reflected in the background of the picture slightly, route the plane actually flew I was was able to guess. Did expand the strategy (annihilation) annihilation that the more thorough is that there was a serious flight JAL123 secret.

Blog zeranium: victims of flight 520 JAL123

I do not mean to say that it is all written in this book is correct, 
what you say from now on will be to support the majority of the claims of Mr. Tamura.

When you open one's eyes to the truth of history as I finally came. "Japan already has nuclear weapons, was shot down because it was a flight to transport nuclear warheads JAL123"the fact that.


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